Episode 014 — Snow and the Rainbow

Episode 14: Snow and the Rainbow

Disney just schooled Captain EO on who’s Bad, I peer at Alice Through The Looking Glass, and we’ve seen what she’s done with ice, but what can Elsa do with rainbows?

1:11 — Welcome to MouseFlicks.

1:30 — News Nibbles

10:30 — Star Talk: Johnny Depp Almost Wasn’t Jack Sparrow

11:44 — Feature: Frozen: Snow and the Rainbow  

18:00 — Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiEG3Zr_Jxs

19:55 — Listener Line

20:31 — Auf Weidersehen.

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Episode 009 — Introducing: The Muppets.

Episode 009: Introducing: The Muppets.

Jessica Jones is crushing it, Behind the Magic takes Kristin to school, and The Muppets debuts to “controversy.”

1:07 — Welcome to MouseFlicks.

1:34 — News Nibbles

4:07 — Fox Update

  • Channing Tatum is Still Gambit
  • Bryan Singer Will Tackle 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

5:07 — FEATURE: The Muppets. Watch: http://t.co/s4DgHmNPSh And, uh, yeah–the original Muppet Show was totally just for kids. Nothing to see here.

12:33 — Behind The Magic Podcast TOURNAMENT OF PODCASTS!!! Spoiler alert–I lost.

13:12 — Roll credits.

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Episode 008 — Girl Meets Kathy

Episode 008: Girl Meets Kathy

We’re getting a spoonful of…something, Lucas say what?, and I discuss a special episode of Girl Meets World about the autism spectrum with Kathy Kelly of Special Mouse.

1:09 — Welcome to MouseFlicks.

1:29 — News Nibbles

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Releases Cosmic Mix Vol. 1
  • Mary Poppins: The…“Next One.”
  • Disney’s Re-Releasing the Original Star Wars Trilogy in Theaters
  • Pop Secret Teams Up With Disney

5:42 — Read theSkimm.

5:57 — Feature: Girl Meets World Meets the Autism Spectrum

23:02 — Peace out.